Review: Lonely The Brave – ‘Diamond Days’


Neither well-crafted nor exciting, 'Diamond Days' is a surprisingly second-rate track for such a promising band.

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British alternative rock quintet Lonely The Brave have had their second studio album, Things Will Matter, in the works for the last few months, teasing fans with video and audio snippets via social media. Several singles have been released in full, including ‘Radar‘, ‘Black Mire‘, ‘What If You Fall In‘ and ‘Rattlesnakes‘.

In comparison to its siblings ‘Diamond Days’ is relatively sedate. Not necessarily a bad thing at all, especially if the band contrast it with some more upbeat songs. It’s too early to say if it moves to the same rhythm as the rest of the album: we won’t know that for another week.

But as a standalone piece of music it’s flaccid and lacklustre. In the music video every single band member either appears to be falling asleep or trying to bore holes in the floor with their eyes. The vocals have a slippery hillbilly twang that is dreadfully out of place, and the lyrics are uninspiring; thankfully, they’re virtually inaudible beneath David Jakes’ monotonous droning. The mellow guitars redeem the track to a degree, but they’re spoiled by percussive off-beats that are just confusing. After the huge success of The Day’s War this is a disappointing single.

Things Will Matter will be released via Hassle Records on 20th May. Pre-order here.


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