Review: Enter Shikari – ‘Redshift’


An uplifting indie rock tune that, while enjoyable, simply doesn’t live up to Enter Shikari’s usual high standards.

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Released on the verge of their upcoming UK tour, ‘Redshift’ marks the next step in the musical evolution of British electronic metal giants Enter Shikari. A step away from their usual sound ,‘Red Shift’ comes across more like an indie rock anthem (even featuring some Bastille-esque chanting) than the blistering and experimental metal that they’re famed for.

Especially for the first three minutes the radio-friendly ‘Redshift’ seems somewhat out of sync with a lot of Shikari’s other work. In particular, when compared to their politically charged previous albums, ‘Redshift’ is left seeming not only lyrically weaker, but musically far less interesting. One of the main appeals of Enter Shikari is their willingness to comment on contemporary and real life issues, for example their previous single ‘Anaesthetist’ addressed healthcare profiteering and the deteriorating state of the NHS. Yet here the bold and relatable song writing is instead replaced with celestial imagery and “can you feel it inside” clichés that lack both the edge and substance of previous releases.

Similarly, despite the excellent production (especially on drums), ‘Redshift’ just doesn’t feel like it’s pushing into any new territory musically. Particularly in light of the leaps forward they took on their last album The Mindsweep, that not only combined metal and electronic forms but also incorporated increasingly orchestral and percussion elements to create a sound that really was truly unique. A status that, despite its promising finale, ‘Redshift’ cannot live up to.

‘Redshift’ is out now via Ambush Reality and Hopeless Records.


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