Review: Wolf Alice – ‘Bros’


'Bros' is an endearingly written track, made great by its relatable lyrics and enjoyable pace.

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‘Bros’ is the latest release from North London based four piece, Wolf Alice. Its release marks the build up to their hotly anticipated debut album, My Love Is Cool.

Described by singer Ellie Roswell as an “ode to childhood imagination and friendship,” ‘Bros’ eases you in with a wistfully chilled guitar riff before immersing you in the upbeat combination of guitar and percussion that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Wolf Alice let you focus solely on its instrumentation before Ellie Roswell’s soft vocals feature on the track. The precisely paced lyrics of ‘Bros’ set a vivacious tone, prompting you to focus on the endearing lyrics of the track.

Wolf Alice debuted the video for ‘Bros’ on 29th May, which pays a beautifully shot tribute to childhood friendship- set where singer Ellie Roswell grew up. It fits perfectly the lyrics of the track.

‘Bros’ is refreshingly different even to the last release from Wolf Alice, ‘Giant Peach’, which promises exciting diversity on the band’s debut album.

‘Bros’ was released on 17th April via Dirty Hit.


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