Review: Purity Ring – ‘Bodyache’


It may be Purity Ring's most commercial release yet, and not in a bad way!

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The third single from Purity Ring’s sophomore album, Another Eternity, ‘Bodyache’ is a piece of pure pop. Following on from the dark and crunchy ‘Begin Again’ and soaring ‘Push Pull’, ‘Bodyache’ is the lightest of the three singles. Jittering electronic beats and ethereal vocals combined with an impossibly catchy chorus could make this Purity Ring’s most commercial single yet. If something was going to catapult them into the mainstream pop charts, this may well be it.

The rippling synthesised piano lines and reverb heavy instrumental lines create an otherworldly atmosphere. Completely charming, this is a total hit from Purity Ring.

‘Bodyache’ is out on April 20th via 4ad records.


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