Review: Jessie Ware – ‘Champagne Kisses’


Ware should raise a celebratory glass.

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Jessie Ware has just launched her second album, Tough Love. While the music she debuted last year was very club orientated, her new more sophisticated sound is gently electric but supports her brilliant vocal ability.

‘Champagne Kisses’ is an addictive listen. The bass start is brilliant and is haunting throughout and her high range vocals are used intelligently. Although the track can have a repetitive air, it is just beautiful to listen to, with her voice like fresh ice through the warm bass and combined with electronic sounds. It feels and sounds great.

The chorus, “champagne kisses” is easy to sing along to and makes me feel immediately summery in what is now the depths of February. It’s haunting yet fun, a combination I didn’t realise was possible was possible. I want to lie looking into the sun at summer picnic with champagne and a kiss. Ware should raise a celebratory glass.

‘Champagne Kisses’ is out on March 16th via Island Records.


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