Review: Royal Blood – ‘Out Of The Black’


Brilliant rock song with an utterly bonkers music video! Must listen/watch!

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What a year Royal Blood have had, from relative obscurity to Brit Award nominees and scheduled to play at Wembley with Foo Fighters.

‘Out Of The Black’ has actually been available since late 2013 (the Brighton-formed band’s first single), but has recently been introduced to BBC’s A-List and has been given a full music video. The video, directed by David Wilson & Christy Karacas, shows a group of Aliens in random fancy dress costumes (led by a Rabbit outfitted Alien) that rob a service station. The video itself switches between real life and an incredibly gory, comic-book cartoon version, with the directors, it seems, licenced to do whatever they liked in terms of violence and letting their imagination run loose! The only way I can describe the video is utterly bonkers, but it does fit the music and lyrics rather well!

The song itself is nothing short of exceptional. Anyone who has listened to any Royal Blood over the last year or so will instantly recognise that remarkably strong sound that duo of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher create, with the riff of the song one of the best I’ve heard in a while. In addition, played live it is excellent aswell, with a slightly higher tempo meaning the song is a brilliant finale to their explosive sets.

‘Out Of The Black’ is out now via Warner Bros.


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