Review: Years & Years – ‘King’ (TCTS remix)


TCTS has transformed the Years & Years track into one that oozes house vibes and can't leave you with a desire to go dancing.

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Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen are the boys that make up Years & Years, and together they are responsible for creation of band’s sweet sound of soulful electronic pop.

Not to mention that the trio have had an absolutely brilliant 2014. After working hard and impressing their fans track after track, they won the title of BBC Music Sound of 2015.

They’ve clearly established themselves as a group to keep an eye on, it’s no wonder that other producers are looking for every single opportunity to put their own spin on Years & Years. The latest to do so is a Manchester based DJ and producer TCTS, real name Sam O’Neill, who brings us a brilliant interpretation of Years & Years’ ‘King’.

By creating his vision of the track, he proves that ‘King’ can sound dance-floor appropriate! Originally full of fresh, shining synths, TCTS has kept true to his style, transforming the track into one that oozes house vibes and leaves you with a desire to go dancing.

TCTS remix of Years & Years, ‘King’, is on soundcloud now.


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