Review: Meghan Trainor – ‘Lips Are Movin’


The new single by Meghan Trainor is a complete disappointment. It has the same undertones and background bass as her previous single, showing she is clearly all about that bass. It is such a shame that her first single was about a valid topic, challenging the female shape exposed to us by magazines, and although not faultlessly executed it had value, but her second single, ‘Lips Are Movin’ is just vacant.

Her vapid repetition of notes and lyrics induces a migraine. The tempo, words and rap are a confused mix which grate on your patience. When she made such a great start with ‘All About That Bass’, her unique message will be lost in the amalgam of sounds and weak lyrics of this single, seeing as they are so similar. I can imagine that a young teenage audience will enjoy jumping around to the continuous melody and the video looks like it was fun to produce, but it lacks any real message and in my opinion isn’t worth the listen.

‘Lips Are Movin’ will be out on January 18th via Epic records.



The new single by Megan Trainor is a complete disappointment.

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