Nico Vega- I Believe (Get Over Yourself)


Despite forming way back in 2005, Nico Vega performed in the UK for the first time earlier on this month at The Great Escape festival in Brighton. The band are set to release their second album Lead to Light this summer.


Latest track from the upcoming album is “I Believe (Get Over Yourself). The track was co written and produced by Dan Reynolds from successful band Imagine Dragons. It is clear that this track is meant to be a summer pop anthem. The upbeat boom clap rhythm injects energy into the slightly monotonous verses. Aja Volkman is definitely a talented vocalist but this single doesn’t give her the space to really explore her range. She would do much better if the track had a slightly edgier sound , as at the moment it has undertones of bubblegum pop.


“I Believe (Get Over Yourself)’ is by no means unpleasant, its only fault is that the whole thing seems slightly lacklustre. An added injection of energy and maybe a touch more edge then it has the makings of a real feel good summer anthem.



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