tUnE-yArDs- Wait for a minute


In the run-up to their new album Nikki Nack, genre spanning pair Merill Garbus and Nate Brenner have released a series of singles; one of them being ‘Wait for a Minute’. These steady tit-bits are proving to be exciting insights into tUnE-yArDs soon to be released third studio record.

First off, there’s definitely a whiff of R’n’B about ‘Wait for a Minute’, particularly in Garbus’ soulful vocals and the stellar percussion placed at the song’s forefront. But the track’s primary identity is weirdness, as Garbus’ lyrics suggest impatient dark-thoughts swimming through her mind. Along with this, there’s an unnerving tone simmering underneath, as the track messes with your sense of spatial awareness and dynamic; shifting from a wide and broad echo to a very low and intimate murmur.

Additionally, the unconventional chorus vocals and rhythm seems jarring in comparison to the otherwise perfectly in-sync verses. It really shows that the Californian duo are not playing by the rules of accepted listener comfort zones, they lure you in just to break you apart. It’s a clever tactic, one that makes tUnE-yArDs stand out from the crowd. With an outro scarily reminiscent of a demented broken record, ‘Wait for a Minute’, is effective at being bizarre, but memorable in that respect.


tUnE-yArDs new album Nikki Nack will be released on the 6th May by 4AD


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