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Ed Sheeran has premiered his brand new single ‘Sing’. The track, produced by Pharrell Williams, is the first single from his new second full-length album x after his debut album + which went multi platinum across the UK and gold in the US.

The high-speed acoustic track is different from his usual style and Sheeran said on BBC Radio One before the single was played that “people are either gonna love it or they’re gonna hate it.” Sheeran explained how Pharrell Williams helped shape the single and pushed him to try something new in his music, in particular with the riff used in the song.

Unlike Sheeran’s usual emotional and heartfelt style that is found throughout his first album, the first verse of this track introduces a sultry and more sensual tone, in particular through the lines “Ignoring everybody here/ Wish they would disappear/ So maybe we could get down” and in the chorus “If you feel you’re falling/ Won’t you let me know.” The  hip-hop elements and high falsetto vocals of the chorus, undoubtedly influenced by Williams, introduce a fresh sound to Sheeran’s music.

Though perhaps not to the taste of all of Sheeran’s fans, the single is extremely catchy and even was played for a second time seconds after the single was aired live for the first time by Zane Lowe. Looking at reactions on Twitter, Lowe said “there are so many hundreds and thousands of reactions… I wouldn’t know where to begin.” With the reaction to the first single, we can expect more brilliant tracks in his new upcoming album.


Ed Sheeran’s album, x, including the single ‘Sing’ will be released on 23rd June and will be available to pre-order next week.


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