Todd Terje – ‘Delorean Dynamite’


Todd Terje, everyone’s favourite Norwegian DJ and house-disco producer (even if they don’t know it yet) is finally releasing his long-awaited first studio album, aptly titled ‘IT’S ALBUM TIME’. Out on the 7th of April, you can pre-order it now and receive an instant download of his single ‘Dolorean Dynamite’.

The track is instantly likeable, quickly bringing us back to the familiar, catchy disco synths we all associate with Terje, yet with quite enough undercurrent of bass to make it acceptable during a house set. Terje really is the go-to man for those wanting to check out some real disco-influenced music. What he manages to do well is create a true sense of euphoria and release, slowly building us up and bringing us back down. If like me you stick it on repeat, once the initial quirkiness of the track wears off, the real musical quality behind it shines through.

So grab the album on pre-order now and you’ll receive this banger just to keep you tiding over until the album is unleashed in April. With so much going on in this track, it seems like a fair deal. If this single is anything to go by, the album will be well worth the wait.


Also, check out his most famous track here.


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