Royal Blood – ‘Little Monster’


It’s difficult to recall another act who have garnered such praise and success on the back of such a sparse amount of material. With this in mind, ‘Little Monster’ faces a particularly daunting task as an addition to the band’s petite but currently impeccable back catalogue. The Brighton duo have declared their statement of intent with the release of ‘Out of the Black/Come On Over’. However, this stands as their important follow-up address; their difficult third song so to speak.

Lacking the biblical drama of ‘Out of the Black’ and the lightning-speed, DFA1979-indebted decadence of ‘Come On Over’, ‘Little Monster’ is delivered with a carefree, jam-like fluidity far detached from the impacting immediacy previously experienced in their repertoire. This serves to be one of the song’s strengths yet also its greatest flaw. Whilst the track allows itself the space to settle into its QOTSA-style debauched riffage, making ‘Little Monster’ undoubtedly the grooviest tune yet to be released by the band, the comfortable pace that Royal Blood tread throughout the track deprives it of any perceived energy.

That being said, ‘Little Monster’ is still a powerful exercise in making a two-piece sound as colossal as possible. Mike Keer’s bass-riffing is as admirably smutty as ever and Ben Thatcher employs some of the most enjoyable drum fills this side of Refused. It is, however, the overall package which cause these elements to languish.

Sure, you’re cool at bass, but where’s the song?


‘Little Monster’ is released on 10th February via Warner Bros. Records.


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