Nina Nesbitt – ‘Selfies’


‘Selfies’ is just as catchy as you’d expect from a Nina Nesbitt single. The track, rather obviously, is about self-takes. The lyrics are candid and witty, and even though they may not be the most serious, this is a respectable pop song. With an ostinato piano riff that continues throughout almost all of the track, a simple drum beat and interesting guitar riffs, the instrumentation all ties into each other neatly, with Nesbitt’s accented vocals soaring over the top.

The music video is a humorous parody of all those girls who spend evenings dressing up just to take pictures, showing Nesbitt dressing up in various outfits and taking photos of her self. It’s nice to see a pop star poking fun at current trends without sacrificing her music.

‘Selfies’ is out February 9th through Universal Music Group, and her debut album Peroxide will be out February 17th.



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