Chloe Howl – ‘Rumour’


‘Rumour’ is the latest offering from the feisty teen pop star Chloe Howl. Following on from sassy ‘No Strings’ and ‘Paper Heart’, ‘Rumour’ is her strongest offering yet. From the electronic beats to the warbling synth, everything about the track is current and catchy. Howl’s powerful vocals have the effect of commanding the listener throughout.

This is pop music with a bit of bite. The lyrics are more edgy and playful than most of the pop songs around at the moment: ‘See that girl she’s looking great, she used to be quite over weight, she may not be entirely straight, perhaps it’s just a rumour’. Completely honest, Howl’s lyrics always have real, relatable content, which is why she’s well on her way to becoming hugely popular.


‘Rumour’ is out March 3rd through Columbia records.


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