Wild Beasts – ‘Wanderlust’


‘Wanderlust’ is the latest offering from indie-rock quartet Wild Beasts. From the first haunting synth and trembling choral-style accompaniment, the listener gets drawn into the ethereal song. It’s completely unrelenting; from the first note to the last the track elegantly pushes forward, sprinting towards the finish line.

Hayden Thorpe’s earnest vocals, which effortlessly slip into his falsetto, stand out from the cantering accompaniment that pushes the song forward without sounding hectic and rushed. The track follows a fairly standard song form, until the final minute or so, where most of the instrumentation drops out so that the focus is on Thorpe pronouncing ‘Don’t confuse me with somebody who gives a fuck’.

‘Wanderlust’ is out on the 24th of February through Domino Records, and the album, Present Tense, will be out the same day. 



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