Tegan and Sara – ‘Goodbye, Goodbye’


‘Goodbye Goodbye’ is the third single from Canadian twins Tegan and Sara’s anticipated 7th album, Heartthrob. Much like the record itself, it’s a bit of a departure from their previous MO: it’s the sound of an alternative artist trying pop on for size and totally rocking it.

It’s a song about what the duo write best – love. Despite being upbeat, the lyrics are spiteful and sad, about a relationship that never really worked: “Goodbye, goodbye/like the first time;” “you let me try/knowing there was nothing I could do to change you.”

Nevertheless, it’s a banger of a tune, with an unapologetic use of pop synths, some of them distinctly 90s in sound, coupled with a driving rhythm section. It cuts to a dreamy bridge partway through, breaking it up nicely, and ends with one more run of the (pretty catchy) chorus. Despite the different material they’re working with, the twins’ distinctive voices and unconventional harmonies stamp it as very much their own. This is good pop, but more than that, it’s good Tegan & Sara.


Goodbye, Goodbye was released 17/09/13 on Vapor


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