Disclosure – ‘Apollo’


It seemed as if it were only this summer that Disclosure burst onto the music scene with their original debut album Settle, arranging British dance music into chart-friendly packages. Thumping beats were intertwined with exciting vocal performances and memorable lyrics. The electronic music duo of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence was British music’s new big thing.

And it seems post-Settle they’ve maintained this, but with a new direction. Their new single ‘Apollo’, which was self-released on the duo’s official Sound Cloud for their fans to stream is back-to-basics house. However, fear not; though the track is highly simple, it certainly proves that the duo’s success is not necessarily tied to their use of fresh and talented collaborators. ‘Apollo’ proves a nifty club tune consisting of a classic 4/4 throb, whispy translucent vocals and clear thrust percussion and whilst not new and innovative, it certainly appeals. Though largely different to their debut, the single remains powerful and likely to prove popular as part of the soundtrack for a night out, further securing the band’s rise to the Mount Olympus of contemporary dance music.


‘Apollo’ – Disclosure via soundcloud


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