James Arthur – ‘You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You’


So I’ve never really liked X-Factor singles. Especially not their almost pre-determined dominance of the Christmas top spot. With ‘Impossible’, James Arthur looked to be going the same way as the rest, but now he’s back and he’s rubbed some funk on it! Sporting a brand new Alex Turner-esque hairdo, James brings an Afro-Caribbean bandstand to a working class British street and certainly brings the soul.

Lyrically, it’s fairly obvious he co-wrote this track. “And I’ve got a lot of love tonight, babe” is hardly an earth-shatteringly romantic remark but this song isn’t about lyrics. You’ll find yourself too busy dancing around the kitchen or bobbing your head to even notice there’s a verse in there somewhere and you’ll only stop long enough to belt out “You’re nobody ‘til somebody loves you!” at the top of your voice because it’s the only line you know. That’s the beauty of this track, it’ll be in your head all day but as soon as it stops getting radio play, you’ll forget it ever existed. So I recommend you love it while you have the chance.

Sadly, punchy little numbers like this are not representative of the album, though this debut bodes well for the future. Maybe James Arthur can succeed where many an X-Factor finalist has stumbled and fallen.


James Arthur comes out on the 4th of November on Syco


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