Vanessa Carlton – ‘I’ll Wait For You’


Vanessa Carlton may be a name associated with her most famous single, ‘A Thousand Miles’ (2000). Now thirteen years and three albums later, her musical style has matured and developed hugely. Her 2011 album, Rabbits on the Run, adopted a carefree, lulling style, blurring the previously defined piano riffs and even featuring a children’s choir.

On 1st October, Carlton released ‘I’ll Wait For You’, a song originally performed by the 1940s Broadway artist Bernice Parks. This single delves even deeper into the ethereal, with added electronica and cloudy backing vocals. It features a slow, waltz-like rhythm and hopeful climbing baselines. The lyrics are simple, repetitive and soothing, such as “I’ll wait for you ‘til you come back/ ‘til you come back to me”. It could be described as the perfect digital-age lullaby. Vanessa reportedly plans to release an album in 2014, and will undoubtedly be exploring her musical diversity and capacity even further.


I’ll Wait For You was released on the 1st of October 


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