Robin Thicke – ‘Give It 2 U’


Amidst the fallout from the misogynistic mardi gras of his last number one single, ‘Blurred Lines’, everyone has apparently forgotten that Robin Thicke is actually a singer with a hefty back catalogue, and actually has other songs. I’ll admit something now that in hindsight is shameful: having paid no attention to the actual lyrical content of ‘Blurred Lines’, I originally thought it was quite a catchy little number. Obviously, now that everyone is aware of just how horrendous it is, it would be fair to assume that his next creation ‘Give It 2 U’ would be similarly crass and offensive. I can confirm that that is the case. However, not only that, but even if you deduct such poetry – and I shit you not – as “I got a hit for ya/A big dick for ya”, the musical backdrop over which this monstrosity is superimposed is fucking terrible.

Essentially, Robin Thicke is that sketchy uncle that no-one ever invites to family get-togethers, but always turns up anyway, armed with a leer and a looming place on the sex offenders register. I’ve barred people from the pub I work in for less obscene and absurd behaviour. The most bizarre thing about him, particularly in ‘Give It 2 U’, is that I think he genuinely believes himself to be irresistibly charming, departing from his crudity only in order to dispense cringeworthy flattery a la “I got a smile for ya (Cheese)/Let me put it on your face for ya (Please)/I got a taste for ya (Tasty)/I bought lace for ya (Freaky)”. And believe me, it sounds every bit as bad as it looks in writing.

If there is any salvation in this song, it is the fact it features a man of genuine talent: Kendrick Lamar. Although on reflection, his participation in this absolute massacre of music makes me think twice about him, much in the same way that many people were appalled that Pharrell, who ordinarily does no wrong, happily put his name to ‘Blurred Lines’. So to revise that original statement, there are absolutely no redeeming features of ‘Give It 2 U’. I’d advise avoiding it – at all costs – unless your idea of a good time is tearing your hair out in frustration that the music business has forced this idiot upon us.


Released 27th August on Interscope


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