Forest Swords – ‘The Weight Of Gold’


In 2010, Forest Swords appeared out of nowhere with his debut EP Dagger Paths, a swirling concoction of drone, dub, and lo-fi RnB. As soon as he arrived, he disappeared back into the wilderness to record his first album.

‘The Weight Of Gold’ was released online this summer, with the tagline “Life’s too f—ing short”. A surprising sentiment, given Forest Swords’ penchant for taking his time. The track begins with a distorted foghorn sample above swirling winds, before introducing glittering guitar, a submerged bassline, and a clattering drum loop that’s on the edge of tripping over itself. In doing this, Forest Swords seems to transport the listener to an ancient mining site.

It’s obvious that ‘The Weight Of Gold’ is everything it was designed to be. The track is much more refined than previous work, and has such clarity that can only be the result of meticulous production, the elements intertwining to create something incredibly organic.

This is definitely worth paying attention to.


Released 26/7/13 on Tri Angle Records


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