Todd Terje – Strandbar


With the summer having officially arrived (at least where I am currently) it seems quite fitting that the Norwegian retro futuristic dance wunderkind Todd Terje has released an absolutely stellar single to complement any and all of our sun soaked endeavours.

The genesis of this track is part in jest to the fact that allegedly a media outlet labeled his prior singles as only being fit for the strandbar (beach bar) and part just for the heck of it. This nearly 9 minute long disco edit sees Terje slowly and joyfully evolving his ideas from rushed and flustered percussion and synth noodling to a fully formed and absolutely enticing hook at around the 2 minute mark. You think what he’s constructed is more than enough to hold you over, but no. At 3:45 the piano kicks in and writing this becomes intensely difficult due to the amount of involuntary rhythmically fashioned movement I was participating in.

Retro beat junkies rejoice because with this track, and the recent outing by Dornik, there is plenty of dancing to be done.



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