Demi Lovato – ‘Heart Attack’


As someone who prides themselves on their musical taste I really should be ashamed by the review I’m about to give. Writing this is feeling more like a confession than a critical review: I, Megan Ann Downing, confess that I am in love with ‘Heart Attack’ by Demi Lovato. I first encountered the single when one of my fellow editors brought it to my attention a few months ago. I didn’t think anything of it and brushed it aside as another failed effort from an ex Disney kid. However, a truly amazing mash-up of the track bought it back to my attention. I have to admit, I didn’t stop listening to the remix for at least 3 days straight. It’s an explosion of pop brilliance that deserves to be heard by everyone, 24 hours a day.

I slowly moved on to listening to ‘Heart Attack’ on its own and now, I should be ashamed to say (but I’m totally not), that is has over 60 listens on my iTunes, and that’s not even counting the amount of times I’ve watched the music video on YouTube. ‘Heart Attack’ is a truly fantastic pop song. I’m in no way declaring my love for Demi Lovato, she has to prove herself a little bit more. However, ‘Heart Attack’ is an amazing start into working her way into my heart. The lyrics drip with teen angst about heartache that we’ve all felt, with lines such as “pain’s more trouble than love is worth” and “it feels so good, but you know it hurts.” I don’t care how cliched lyrics like these are, Lovato sings them out with the sort of power that tugs at the heart strings. With a soaring chorus and a beautiful acoustic break down towards the end, you really will not stop listening to this track. That is a promise.



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