Loreen – ‘We Got The Power’


On last weekend’s Eurovision, 2012 winner Loreen provided a mid-show medley of her music which gave Europe a tasty snippet of new single ‘We Got The Power’. The full single and accompanying video is now streaming online.

An echoey, foreboding guitar underpins Loreen’s confident vocals, with quicker electronic drum beats hastening the melody. Abruptly splaying into the lyrically simple chorus where she simply repeats “we got the power,” the track builds further with snare rolls adding pace and a marching band feel. As the drums drop out just before the second chorus, it’s impossible to not be nostalgic at the vocally reminiscent vocal tone of Loreen, which sounds remarkably similar to t.A.T.u in there 2002-defining track ‘All The Things She Said‘.

As it progresses and the layers multiply, it becomes more of a dance track with it’s feel-good chorus – but perhaps ‘We Got The Power’ takes itself a little too seriously for the dance floors of the UK. It’s pacey and catchy, it’s a good effort, but I’m sceptical as to how well this will perform commercially as a single which is stuck somewhere between genres. It’s pop, but it’s trying to be a chilled out dance track. A remix of this will go down a treat, and maybe then is when she’ll be able to match the success of ‘Euphoria’.



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