Editors – ‘A Ton of Love’


It’s been three years since Birmingham indie-rockers, Editors, released their last single – ‘No Sound but the Wind’. Though, it was never supposed to be that long. With the departure of lead guitarist, Chris Urbanowicz, some fans were beginning to wonder if the new album, which was originally due for release in 2011, would ever be finished. ‘A Ton of Love’ answers their prayers.

The whole track feels like a band returning to their roots with simplistic, catchy guitar riffs and driving drums following their heavily synthesized third album. While other bands are pulling influences from electronic music, hopefully ‘A Ton of Love’ indicates that Editors are going back to basics with their forthcoming album The Weight of Your Love.

Smith’s vocals really make this track. Perhaps a little more raw than we are used to from the baritone singer. The chorus is delivered with angst reminiscent of the punchier Ian Curtis-esque vocals from classic tracks such as ‘Fingers in the Factories’. Though it’s hard to distinguish the lyrics, the melody gets stuck in your head and ultimately leaves you attributing this track to other bands when you hear it played over the jukebox in your local boozer.

While I thoroughly enjoy this track and hope for big things from the new album. I can’t help but feel this song leaves me a little empty afterward. It’s not the kind of track that is going to stay on repeat. Editors are an incredibly clever band but with this track’s American alt-rock vibe, it feels as though they’re moving in the opposite direction to the modern climate in music and that this should have been released two years ago, when it was supposed to have been.



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