Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding – ‘I Need Your Love’


Calvin Harris seems to be unstoppable at the moment. ‘I Need Your Love’ is his eighth top-ten single from his chart-topping album 18 Months. And this collaboration with Ellie Goulding proves exactly why the album has been such a success.

Goulding’s ethereal vocals sit perfectly over Harris’ skilfully crafted beats, and the Scottish producer provides the popular dance music scene with something a little different to the standard David Guetta-esque beats which have dominated the charts for the past few years. Balancing synths, guitars, string accompaniments, and piano chords over a hypnotic bass line, Harris has created a diverse and enjoyable four minutes of pop.

‘I Need Your Love’ comes close to being flawless with its upbeat and incredibly motivational tempo (which is ideal for pretty much any situation, be it pre-drinks or the gym). It isn’t even spoilt by the sub-standard lyrics expected in dance tunes. In fact, they provide a pleasant surprise once you’ve actually listened to them properly! Although I’m not sure that Goulding’s that convincing in her desperation to be loved…

Striking just the right balance between catchy and irritating, Harris provides an instantly likeable and infectious track, which I’m sure will be played on many dancefloors and radio stations for months to come.



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