Biffy Clyro – ‘Biblical’


Biffy Clyro’s new single ‘Biblical’ is an epic portrayal of what could be a number of different stories placed into a single song, entirely dependent upon the listener’s interpretation. The song won’t perhaps reach the heights of popularity Biffy want, but it’s interesting enough to deserve attention.

Within ‘Biblical’, Simon Neil’s lyrics illustrate an irrational and frankly aggressive protagonist, bent on stabilizing his own world by destroying another’s: “Cut that invisible cord or I’ll starve you of what’s understandable.” But at the same time, it seems to be telling a story of redemption projected through the addressing of the listener: “Baby if you could would you go back to the start?”

The entire song takes on the familiar surreal sheen and apocalyptic tone that many Biffy Clyro songs can boast of, with lyrics such as “Everybody care’s but no-body knows.” During parts, particularly the climatic chorus and outro, it almost feels like a musical ballad with echoing vocals, a high-strung crescendo leading into desperately passionate and pleading lyrics. What potentially could make this single resounding is that Ben Johnson gets the progression spot on, maintaining a pounding rhythm with a heavy impact throughout. It’s undoubtedly well suited to a live performance, having experienced the results of Biffy’s head-splitting rendition, and the unwavering sound of the crowd belting out this furious anthem. Consequently, the music video for the single, directed by Jim Canty, is a beautiful piece of cinematography and encapsulates the atmosphere of the song fairly accurately, so I recommend watching it.

Although not as memorable as Only Revolutions’ ‘Mountains’, ‘Biblical’ still manages to showcase how Biffy Clyro can inject so much energy into one single, and demonstrates their confidence with musical spectacle.



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