Azealia Banks – ‘Yung Rapunxel’


Azealia Banks is in the news every day and it’s never for anything good. This weekend alone she called The Stone Roses “saggy white n*ggas” and badmouthed Rita Ora calling her “Rihanna’s understudy.” This stirs lots of people up too – what right has SHE got, saying all this stuff about other musicians and celebrities when she’s only had one single? Well now is Banks’ time to prove her worth, streaming ‘Yung Rapunxel’ (finally), her long awaited lead single from forthcoming album Broke With Expensive Taste.

Opening with a sweltering bassline and a warning; “Danger! Danger! Dangerrr!” Azealia soon launches into an electro-house style expletive-ridden rant which pinches and pulls like an angry schoolgirl. Intensely punchy drum machines, carnival whistles, and the sound of smashing glass overrides Banks’ disappointingly average lyrics, only packing a punch in the violent chorus. This sounds like it could be written about any of the people who she has insulted in the past year, screaming “bet the bitch ain’t barkin’ like me well n*ggas?! What the fuck?!”

It’s a far cry from the preened production of ‘212’, seemingly an attempt to capitalise on the half-sing-half-shout chorus. ‘Yung Rapunxel’ is a bit of a let down. In true Azealia fashion, it’s loud and in your face, but maybe she’s even sick of herself as the song slows down and she sings “so tired, so tired of all this drama.”



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