Fall Out Boy- ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’


After going on indefinite hiatus in 2009, Fall Out Boy return to the scene with the promise of an album- Save Rock and Roll and a song which, in typical style has a quirky, long name, but sadly is the only similarity to their previous work.

The track isn’t all bad, however. The vocals of Patrick Stump have lost no effect, and the same rhythmic effect and clean pitched tone is plentiful in verse. The layering of the high pitch guitar melody of the chorus is also well done. However, this is the only minor praise I can muster for the song.

From the beginning of the song with sampled note and the chanted vocals, the whole ordeal simply feels wrong. The band has attempted a stripped down sound but the result is hollow, incomplete. The effect of this almost non-existent piece is a rock band trying arduously to sound mainstream, but is one that would suit a nightclub better than any festival.

Fall Out Boy won’t be saving rock and roll. They are simply returning with an unfortunate disappointment to any fans of their previous material, hoping for the upbeat, catchy rock that earned the band two platinum albums.



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