Tegan and Sara – ‘Closer’


Canadian duo Tegan and Sara have altered their sound a little for their latest release ‘Closer’ with a riff which is bouncy enough to be reminiscent of The Buggles’ ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’. Taken from their seventh studio album Heartthrob, it brims with gushing synths and steady drum beats which are certainly enough to get the most alternative Tegan & Sara fan dancing. It oozes the elements of all good indie pop songs with a chorus to match; “So let’s make things physical / I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical.”

The video complements the alternative-sound of the pair, exhibiting the sexual urge of a house party, as described in the song (“All you think of lately is getting underneath me / All I’m dreaming lately is how to get you underneath me”). It’s a great video as Tegan & Sara can be seen singing ‘Closer’ on an old-school karaoke machine whilst people mess around, kiss, and play ‘Spin the Bottle’ all around them, mimicking a party circa 2002. Having achieved reasonable success in the US, the pair remain moderately unknown in the UK but this single is good enough to change that.



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