Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge — ‘White Noise’


White noise isn’t something you’d often find yourself wanting to listen to; most of us would actively avoid it forever if we could. But when the current UK electro-powerhouses Disclosure and AlunaGeorge get together—‘White Noise’ ends up becoming far more appealing.

The two duos have brought their strengths together and balanced out one another’s weaknesses to produce a track that is slick, uncompromising and fresh. Merging elements of the electro R’n’B that AlunaGeorge are best at with the soft-house/future garage hooks that Disclosure have no problems putting together means that ‘White Noise’ is listenable, danceable and has a hook that will just not let go.

As per all Disclosure tracks it shows an ear for precise production—not a sound is out of place. It’s constant synth beat builds with multiple other layers being added until it peaks and sprawls out into the open vocal harmony that makes the bridge into the chorus. Of course, this all comes back with vengeance in the chorus and it’s made more powerful for it.

It is the Aluna portion of AlunaGeorge that lends her vocals to the track and merges them with the music almost seamlessly. Her voice is its normal blend of smoky and high, with an element of distance to it during the verses; which flares to life with a bite as she sings “lately I’ve been thinking if you want to get tough/then let’s play rough” and stays similarly powerful over the chorus.

‘White Noise’ is, without a doubt, going to be one of the songs you will not be able to get away from… But that’s not a bad thing. It’s a track that despite how often you listen, you don’t get bored of.



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