San Cisco – ‘Wild Things’


Combining laa laa laa’s with playful percussion and catchy whistles may seem like a recipe for disaster conjured up by Ark Music Factory for their latest Rebecca Black, but has in fact been mixed to perfection by San Cisco.

The Australian five piece band have managed to uphold the youthful harmony found in their previous hit ‘Awkward’, whilst taking the lyrics up a notch to a level of reasonable sophistication. Are the wild things the horrible people we know, negative thoughts or something else altogether? It’s for you to decide, but in the video they are metaphorically portrayed as monstrous children, making the video instantly reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are.

Creating a song with a balance of fun, meaningfulness and a hint of psychedelia proves San Cisco to be in contention for grabbing the attention of a worldwide audience in the near future.



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