One Direction – ‘Kiss You’


‘Kiss You’ is the third single to be taken from One Direction’s recent album, Take Me Home, and is (unfortunately) a song that will invariably replay in your head for about a week after hearing it. It’s got nothing on previous singles (‘Live While We’re Young’ & Ed Sheeran penned ballad ‘Little Things’) but nevertheless it is another slice of sugary pop which will go down a treat with their tween fan base.

However, after more than one play of this track, it does begin to grate. It’s repetitive, full of questionable lyrics (‘Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends / making them drool down their chinny-chin-chins’ insightful, I know) and is frankly, annoying. It has the usual irritating synthesised sounds, customary guitar riffs and routine chanting chorus which combines to form a track which is disappointingly formulaic.

The music video is yet another cliché. It shows the boys in a series of kooky situations, such as skiing, in prison and dressed as sailors. And then they zoom out and you realize that they’re on a film set. They use a hideous, jokerman-esque font which is only mildy better than comic sans, and the whole video seems like a platform for the boys to show of their new tattoos. It’s the sort of video that people will look back on in 10 years and wonder what possessed them to make this kind of video (like Take That’s ‘Do What You Like’ video). It is entertaining though, I’ll give them that. Though probably not in the way that they intended it to be.

This single will obviously sell well with 1Ds loyal army of Directioners; but if you’re not a die hard fan, I’m sure you’ll be as indifferent about it as I am.



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