Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Sun’


Arguably the best song off Beacon, Two Door Cinema Club’s latest release ‘Sun’ offers us another slice of summertime indie-pop escapism that they have become known for.

The track begins in a light, hazy way—with a simple key part and Alex Trimble’s vocals; simplicity at its very best. It’s almost unexpected when 20 seconds in, the entire atmosphere and pace of the song is changed through the addition of the characteristic drums, guitar and bass that you’d expect in any indie song.

‘Sun’ though is all about the instruments and, at times, it feels like Trimble’s vocals are getting in the way. The bass is a constant which helps to drive the track along, relegating drums to somewhat a convention opposed to a necessity. The guitar riff is likely to be one that you’re going to remember this song most for; because it is undeniably catchy and the best part of the song by a mile. There’s also the use of trumpets in the latter portion of the song which helps not only to brighten the song up even more but also means you keep listening all the way through.

This track has everything that you could wish for in an indie-pop song. It’s danceable, it’s likely to put you in a good mood and it’s all executed well. It’s definitely one to help put a little bit of sunshine back in your day.



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