Skream – ‘Junkyard Dispute’


The heavyweight pioneer of Dubstep returns and as always, returns well. Skream announced this month his new Skreamizm E.P will be released before Christmas and with that gave a Soundcloud link to closing track ‘Junkyard Dispute’. Opening with dark, melancholic pads, he quickly drops a bass line which is at the same time intriguingly new and comfortably similar. Skream uses the opening hi-hats to create a beat that flows easily, making the subtle changes in bass line all the more devastating. It is a track that should satisfy both old and new Skream fans, displaying the roots of Dubstep and Skream himself, whilst marking unmistakable progress in the genre.

The main criticism of the track is it’s similarity to past Skream releases such as ‘CTO’ on his Freeizm E.P. However this is almost inevitable in the Dubstep genre; tracks themselves are driven by repetition and producers are all working to find their stamp on the scene. Therefore, whilst some might find it more of the same, the subtle differences this track brings may appear to others as substantial.

If this track is anything to go by, the E.P should be an absolute stormer.



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    acousticvillage on

    Intriguingly new and comfortably similar indeed. Drum loop hold it together. Headphones on, volume up to 11 and it’s bliss….

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