Frankie Cocozza – ‘She’s Got A Motorcycle’


Frankie Cocozza made a name for himself by being the resident ‘bad boy’ of the X Factor, causing a scandal by being kicked out of the competition for taking class A drugs. His brief stint on the X Factor demonstrated what little, if any musical talent he possessed, but just when we thought we could forget he even existed he goes and prolongs the torture for us all by releasing his debut single ‘She’s Got A Motorcycle’.

How this single has been allowed to be released I will never know but it makes me want to cry. It is 3 minutes of absolute awfulness; yet another banal pop track that is instantly forgettable. He barely even sings throughout, instead adopts a half talking half singing style with an ‘oh so alternative’ accent. Cocozza demonstrates he could be the next Keats with such touching sentiments like ‘I need the keys to your heart, cause I ain’t touched it yet’.

With any luck this single will earn Frankie enough money for him to buy a big house abroad so he can go away and never come back. Please Frankie, for the sake of humanity, never ever sing again.



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