Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj – ‘Beauty and a Beat’


Justin Bieber is back with his new single ‘Beauty and a Beat’. Despite usually hating the teen pop star, this song is surprisingly catchy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start praising Bieber, I hate the cheesiness of this song as much as the next person, probably more so in fact. However he does know how to make good, catchy pop songs (how much of it is his brain power is debatable). Accompanied by Nicki Minaj, a character I have gone from loving to hating over the past year. The brilliant underground rapper has gone and we have a manufactured, fake mess in her replacement. This song is no different. Crap lyrics, crap outfits, she may as well not be in the song, she adds nothing substantial apart from some soft grinding with Justin in the video, fans are going to squeal about.

The lyrics bring shame to the Disney film which the title is alluding to. Why ruin a Disney classic by making a song around the title? However, upon multiple listens I find myself singing along (only when I’m on my own I must add). I’m thoroughly ashamed to admit this. But surely this says something about the song? The simple verses and catchy chorus. It’s hard NOT to get it stuck in your head. I end up listening to hours upon hours of cool indie music to get myself back in a presentable state of mind.

Moving on to the music video it has gained a lot of attention from Radio 1 with both Greg James and Nick Grimshaw doing parody versions of it. The whole ‘stolen footage’ back story was a ploy by Bieber’s management to promote the song. Fair play to them as it did cause a massive stir in the media but it also demonstrates the stupidity of the Beliebers, maybe you shouldn’t believe everything the press say about your beloved Justin.



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