Bon Iver – ‘Beth/Rest’


Despite Bon Iver’s creatively titled second album Bon Iver being released in June last year, its closer ‘Beth/Rest’ has only just been released as a single.

It’s a brilliant, unique song that could only be pulled off by Justin Vernon and the lads. Unbelievably cheesy synths and inspirational guitar slides accompany Vernon’s haunting, indistinguishable vocals and, although I can’t make out what he’s singing, i’m sure it’s swell. If any one else tried this they would be laughed off stage and sent back to the 80’s for eternity, but the surface Top Gun-ishness is here destroyed by Bon Iver’s intimate delivery and production.

Bon Iver can keep drawing their second album out as long as they want if you ask me (which you didn’t). Songs like ‘Beth/Rest’ are beautiful and deserve to receive a wider airplay, rather than being left as an album track, ignored by those who think Bon Iver is the name of the man who covered ‘Skinny Love’ by Birdy.



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