On An On – ‘Ghosts’


Formed out of elements of Scattered Trees in August 2012, On An On have released the first single from their début album Give In which will be released in January 2013.

The track ticks along at a reasonable pace, drawing upon a cacophony of sounds, most notable of which will be the simplistic, indie riffs, but most weird will be some of the percussion echoes that accompany the peripheral regions of ‘Ghosts’. Taking cues from the minimalist, slightly quirky production of bands like Grizzly Bear and with the vocal murmurs and echoes rolling around the depths of the track, it sounds positively modern.

Despite this, there’s a limited amount of true power in the song to make it stand out, with the long instrumental sections hindering rather than helping the tangibility and accessibility of the single, giving it a slightly bland flavour.



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