Bloc Party – ‘Kettling’


Bloc Party have been no stranger to political sentiments over the past decade and ‘Kettling’, the second single from their album Four is no exception. The manic, wobbly guitars from lead single ‘Octopus‘ remain and are driven by a heavy, relentless beat that gives glimpses of a band that produced a brash début in the form of Silent Alarm.

Kele’s lyrics are particularly harsh and will strike a chord with the disenfranchised youth of modern Britain as he wails “We drop the lighter into the gas / If the whole world is watching us, let them watch us”, another throw back to times past.

While a guitar launches into the distance in the mid section of the song, the song can get a bit too grating and the individual elements of ‘Kettling’ see the track come dangerously close to splitting apart. The abrupt and rash nature of the single will be seen as dynamic with Bloc Party at their most energetic, and their most unbalanced.



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