Christina Aguilera – ‘Your Body’


The newest song from Christina Aguilera is disappointing, particularly as we know that she is a very talented singer. For someone who has such an amazing range and singing ability to release a song like ‘Your Body’ is frankly more than a little ridiculous. Now, I am a big Christina fan – I love the majority of her music, and even find guilty pleasure in her film debut, Burlesque. But ‘Your Body’ takes her too far into the commercial realm, and her voice does nothing to redeem the song. I wanted to like it, because I love her voice, but I just couldn’t; it’s just too ridiculous.

While the video for this song is a little amusing, and you can kind of see what she was trying to do with it, it falls far short of the mark. I can’t even say that I think that it would be a good club track, because I think that it is far too simplistic. The lyrics include interesting gems like “Don’t even tell me your name… All I want to do is love your body” – hardly high poetic standards. It’s certainly disappointing to see such a talented artist lowering herself to such basic levels, particularly as she has used sex appeal in previous songs without creating as bad a song as she has in this instance, appealing to the lowest common denominator.

‘Your Body’ is an increadibly disappointing single, and makes me wonder whether Aguilera’s musical future will continue down this path. I’d much rather see her return to the days of ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Fighter’.



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