Ke$ha – ‘Die Young’


Ke$ha’s latest single Die Young’ is about partying, getting drunk and living for the moment… A change from her usual politically astute, philosophical stuff, right?

Think JLS, think Taio Cruz, think One Direction and you’re pretty much there. Like so many of these songs, it starts with a few bars of guitar, the chorus, then it ‘drops’ and roll on another dance-pop/electro-pop YouTube hit from across the Atlantic. And it will be a hit, we’ll soon know all the lyrics and subconsciously tap along because whether we like it or not, they’ll play this in Jesters.

With lyrics such as “we’ll keep dancing ‘till we die” and “it’s pretty obvious that you’ve got a crush, the magic in your pants is making me blush”, this is another generic, shallow song from the ‘singer-songwriter’. I can’t help but hope that she soon takes her own advice. Bah humbug.



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