Bat for Lashes – ‘All Your Gold’


Natasha Khan is amazing. In Bat for Lashes she has created perfection, thus far releasing two albums that are both creatively and stylistically perfect, and with songs like ‘All Your Gold’, this seems set to continue.

The track begins slowly; effectively combining haunting vocals with muted instrumentals, quietly paving the way into a euphoric Flo and the Mach style chorus. The tune manages to channel emotion through minimalism; all Khan needs to get her point across is her impeccable voice, filled with lamentation and beauty, and a withdrawn and sombre musical backdrop.

With this and previous single ‘Laura’ reaching such great heights, it’s worrying how good new album The Haunted Man is going to be when it is released on October 15th.

Bat For Lashes will perform at Portsmouth Pyramid Centre on Saturday 3rd November. Tickets are on sale now.


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