Walk the Moon – ‘Tightrope’


Walk the Moon, the little known band from Cincinnati, Ohio, have released a free-download track from their self titled album which is available to download here.

Energetic, catchy, upbeat and just plain fun – ‘Tightrope’ is a quintessential Walk the Moon song. Use of a scratchy guitar sound and a fairly repetitive drum beat is quickly built upon and before you know it you’re into the chorus. A mix of Mystery Jets-style dream pop and a frantic build up makes this song a wonderful summer track; something Walk the Moon are very good at. At three and half minutes long the song feels like it ends as quickly as it starts: its release is a good publicity move by the band who recently signed to RCA Records. Their album contains many more songs like it, and was released in June.

Tightrope is one of Walk the Moon’s better songs, up there with the likes of ‘Anna Sun‘ which initially got them noticed – a must listen, and as it’s a free download!



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