Biffy Clyro – ‘Stingin’ Belle’


The Biff are back. New single ‘Stingin’ Belle’ was premiered as a preview to their upcoming album ‘Opposites’. Despite the fact they have changed the name, their promise to release two studio albums in 2012 still looks to be on.

Anyhow, to the track. With an intro that sounds like a marching band on speed and some classic Biffy guitar work, its very ‘in your face’. As soon as Simon Neil starts singing, however, things calm down a bit. His vocals haven’t changed much from the previous album Only Revolutions. There is not a total lack of development here, instead Biffy are just tweaking things… The chorus is very enjoyable and lively, but the verses let the song down somewhat.

Then, just over halfway through, the song sees the return of the marching band-esque drums and, the only thing more Scottish than Biffy themselves, a bagpipe. Henceforth there are no lyrics (which is a little disappointing), just a very Scottish, and very epic sound to listen to. Managing to make the bagpipe work within a rock song is something only Biffy Clyro and a few other select bands could do. A welcome return.



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