Karmin – ‘Brokenhearted’


The instantly catchy single ‘Brokenhearted’ from long-time youtubers Karmin debuted at number 6 in the official UK Charts last week. There is nothing subtle about its influences. Vocally from the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, and the beat sounds like Calvin Harris on a lazy day – annoyingly repetitive and little variation throughout the song.

It is upbeat, with a mix of pop and rap with some nice vocals – other than that, there is very little positive to say about it.

Karmin promised much while covering various pop songs such as ‘Pricetag’ and ‘Someone Like You’. Impressive harmonies, and a stripped down but cheery manner they showed a lot of personality if nothing else. Now, sadly, in ‘Brokenhearted’ they have lost sight of these traits and traded them in for vacuous pop. This single has done nothing but leave a former fan broken hearted.



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