Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Everybody’s on the Run’


‘Everybody’s on the Run’ follows on from ‘Dream On‘ the weakest single so far from the group’s self-titled début album. So you might expect that ‘Everybody’s on the Run’ would follow this decline. It doesn’t.

As Noel describes himself, the drums combined with a choir gives an “epic” feel to the song from the start. The next really noticeable feature of the track is the use of echo on Noel’s voice, a sublime move. Violins and, of course, the guitar form the core of the track – with occasional extra instruments subtly added in to give the track a lot of depth. A very musically vibrant single, it really fills the room – with Noel’s singing an integral part of the overall sound.

“Hang in there love, you gotta hold on, you gotta be strong enough for love’ is the climax of the song, a refrain delivered with gusto from Gallagher. ‘Everybody’s on the Run’ is a single that feels at times orchestral, but anchored by Noel Gallagher’s definitive style it’s a highlight of the album



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