Scouting for Girls – ‘Summertime in the City’


Scouting for Girls are (unfortunately) back just in time for our delightful British summer, with a single called, who’d of thought it, ‘Summertime in the City’. With an idiotic video, and equally stupid lyrics accompanied by a predictable ‘la la la’ melody, it’s just another generic pop song from the three piece.

The thing with this single, I’m sad to say, is that it will get a lot of radio play and loyal Scouting for Girls fans will love it, simply because the vocals are coming out of Roy Stride’s mouth. I have never been a fan of Scouting for Girls but I am not so narrow-minded to discard everything they produce. However, they have proved my instincts correct and have not developed as a band in the slightest. In fact, I’m rather disappointed that they didn’t prove my expectations wrong; they’re just going to have to remain on the hate pile.

The song’s theme is just SO predictable, ‘Oh, we’re in Britain and the weather is always bad when it’s summertime, oh well, lets have fun anyway and play in the rain’. Watch the video below to see what I mean; girls putting suncream on in the rain?! If you can’t bear to put yourself through the pain of listening to the single then all you have to do is google the lyrics to see that this isn’t a masterpiece. It left me thinking that my 12 year old brother could have penned something more profound. “Summertime in the city, all the girls dress hot. Make the boys go silly.” Who rhymes city with silly anyway?



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