Maroon 5 – ‘One More Night’


‘One More Night’ is the second single from Maroon 5’s newest album Overexposed and shows some of the colour of the album that isn’t reflected by the lead single ‘Payphone.’

Staccato beats at the start of the verses merge into smooth vocals in the bridge creating a multi-layered song that keeps you interested throughout. Both the lyrics and melody behind it meld together to create an interesting and engaging song. Adam Levine is at his best in this song as his falsetto joins with the electro pop backdrop, making the song unforgettable. It sticks in your head for a long time after the first listen, and will leave you itching for more.

The lyrics of this song is what makes it stand out. An exploration of what makes a person keep going back to a terrible relationships. Lyrics stating “You and I go rough at each other like we’re going to war” combine with later statements “there you go again, making me love you.” These lyrics set the song apart brilliantly and make you think about personal motivations to do with relationships.

An awesome song that is certainly memorable and engaging.



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